Beginning to BEGIN .... 11 September - Full Message

"The Power to Blog" (to become 'Power of 1 Blog' in 2008) began on 11 Sept 2003 on the second anniversary of 9-11-01, deemed U.S. Patriot's Day. To honor the spirit of empowered living -- and remembering the lives lost - those who gave their lives in the simple daily task of living and creating a collaborative life.

By the act of being a willing and quiet participant in daily life, fully having joined in a peaceful way of life, they were unwittingly chosen to answer a higher calling. You only need to listen to a few life tales of the men and women who perished on 11 September 01 to realize each one of these people were the kind of folks that keep this country ticking, the silent majority... and the most integral part of what makes ours a civilized and cooperatively powerful one. Amoungst those truly 'alive' in their life, we find true heroes all around us. People living life. A powerful life of sweet peace and audibly hushed rituals, and one, that by that measure alone, is truly inspired. Inspired by every faith, every creed, every devotion -- with hope, so many quiet people rise daily, dig deep and keep on keeping on.

And that very day brought attention and a heightened understanding of the sacrifices made by those who carry the safety and sanctity of our society on their shoulders, also.

In my hometown, it followed a period of unrest where those very same people were scrutinized and run through every litmus test that questioned their actions and their willingness to embody a legacy of service that is rooted in my families legacy-that of our police.

By going to work each day as a first responder so many men and women are risking their lives, and the quality of life others take for granted, to preserve that quality for you and I.

Over the last nine years these inexplicably interwoven events altered my own world view to become a more local one, and one that manifests a truer understanding of these values exhibited within my family and those I love and am devoted to. I made a full circle back to my own truth, in other words.

I don't question the validity of these lessons, or even the incredible hardship that befell those I love. I responded with my own abilities to serve them and allowed the bigger issue to shape my actions and efforts to serve my community.

They are big issues, so I also began to see I'd be walking this walk every last step of my life. I have taken some solice and see some purpose in the sacrifices of 2001 by accepting that a life's mission is what roars beneath the surface for each one of those quiet people of which I note. It's made my soul infinitely alive and my approach lovingly demure. It's pushed me to begin 'being' who I truly am.

It was then, in 2008 with a poignant tone, that I advised my daily entries to the blog would become weekly(ish); as I personally began a new chapter of honoring a marriage of the mission into a holistic life as a woman. Since and still I grasp (with human faults abound) to do all that a woman must to enact love and giving in her own home and in the loves and lives she was created to soothe. And that has been the single most powerful decision of my life. One I know will see me into eternity and brings me the peace that surpasses ALL human understanding.

IT IS SO: The Power of 1 Blog has survived the cycle of life and love all along!!!

So then: I will offer you this prayer; FOR ONLY love to guide you. AND also then a reminder to visit our archives -- with many quotes to illuminate your power and an ever-present opportunity to rally to your own eternal calling. Technology used to serve more basic values has been the most empowering development in my lifetime!

"Still Waters Run Deep." Quiet people make the most resounding impact. Humble people rock the core of the universe with a steady rumble. Be still-find a still place and there you will find a well of inspiration within ... and know the voice that speaks through you as your God.
"Be still and know that I am."-Psalm 46:5
~Blessings, ~L.L.C.